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In order to present fast, flexible solutions and to provide cost advantage to the construction and furniture industry by catching fast-growing technology, many manufacturers have revised their lines in accordance with PVC foil usage.

Advantages of PVC Decorative Foils:

  • Reduces your costs thanks to its easy application,
  • Resistant to water, stain and impacts
  • Can be used for many years,
  • Eliminates adverse effects caused by excessive heat and cold.

General Usage Areas:

  • MDF, Chipboard, Plywood, PVC boards,
  • Room doors and Steel doors,
  • Membrane Cabinets,
  • Case and sills,
  • Profiles
  • Aluminum and steel profiles,
  • Plinth,
  • Sills.

Features of our PVC foils:

  • Thickness Range: 160 Micron – 650 Micron
  • Width Range: 1220 mm – 1500 mm
  • Bobbin Length Range: 100 m – 600 m