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About Us

Sanem Plastik, which has been operating in PVC film sector since 1996, has started its own production facilities in 2002 with the aim of increasing the product variety offered to its customers and providing better quality service.

It has a significant share in both domestic and international markets with its successful sales organization and distributor network in the field of PVC tablecloths continuing to production in the center factory. In addition, Sanem Plastik has continuously increased its market share with its increasing production capacity and rich design variety, and already offers its products to consumers in more than 50 countries.

Sanem Plastik, which uses its technological infrastructure and does not compromise its quality standards in accordance with its goal of always providing better service to its customers, has successfully completed R & D studies of decorative PVC surface foil start in 2016 and has started the production and sales process of this product in 2017.

By developing its product and design variety in accordance with the expectations of the market with its machinery production infrastructure and strong R & D unit, it offers decorative PVC surface foils to the appreciation of the sector under ‘Sanolit’ brand name and  takes firm steps towards becoming the leader of the sector.